Enterprise Selling

Master the complex sale.

Develop people and processes that align around delivering value 给客户. 

Complex B2B markets often demand enterprise-to-enterprise sales and business development strategies. The cost of customer acquisition is higher, sales cycles are longer, and the degree of team selling required is much more intense – you can bring in an army of people, and still not win the deal.

"Too many enterprise sales professionals treat their trade as pure art, using ‘gut feeling’ and the direction of the wind to guide major business decisions.”

Sandler Enterprise Selling 365app

  • Key account management

  • Strategic selling

  • 团队销售

  • Positioning for value

  • Pipeline management

  • 客户保留

  • 投标评审

  • Opportunity navigation

  • Competitive positioning

  • 规划

  • 客户端映射

  • Relationship development

In Our Clients Words

Benjamin Kelton | Director of Sales, Drilling Info, Inc.

The Sandler Enterprise Selling program (SES) gives organizations who sell into complex accounts a quantifiable enterprise selling system that can be launched, 测量, 测试, and amplified at any step of the process. SES provides both a clear methodology and an easy-to-grasp cross-functional vocabulary. These two elements allow individual salespeople, and the selling organization as a whole, to identify and resolve bottlenecks, manage current and emerging business relationships effectively, and deliver greater success, 快. Sandler Enterprise Selling is a force multiplier, plain and simple."

Win and Grow Major Accounts 

调整销售 & the Organizations

There is a shared responsibility in building sustainable, repeatable growth. The organization must be prepared to align behind a sales opportunity in order to achieve success. 

Transform Mindset

The mindset and approach of the sales person must change from Transactional to Enterprise. Both the solutions and the decision making are more complex.

Pursue Strategic Growth

The sales team must land in the critical path of the customer, and align with a pain, or corporate initiative, that is critically important to the organization. This takes time to uncover and longer nurture.

Sandler Enterprise Selling Book

Sandler Enterprise Selling


Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and decision makers is a huge challenge for sales professionals. This latest Sandler book provides a practical six-stage approach for winning business with profitable enterprise clients, serving them effectively, and expanding the relationship over time.

Common Strategic Platform

Sandler offers a common set of tools for progressing a sale to close, a common language to use when in the process of making that sale, and a common strategic platform to make the process scalable and repeatable - from managing the territory and accounts to driving the opportunities through the sales process.

Territory and Account 规划

  • Territory 规划 (KARE)

  • Account 管理 (Growth Account Booster)

  • Opportunity Tool

  • Pre-brief

  • 汇报工具

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